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'Lodestone Experiments' 2024 
Ceramic, magnetite, fishing thread, ice, motors, sensor 
This show looked towards the phenomena of sailing stones, stones which move over the sand in Death Valley, California. Leaving deep traces, without human intervention. Myths around these stones began in the 1900’s when people were convinced the rocks’ movement came from the magnetic field of the earth. However, since then, research has developed and the most likely solution to this mystery involves temperature, wind, and water. The rocks are thought to be nudged into motion by melting panels of thin floating ice, driven by light winds in winter. Despite this phenomenon being rationalised through scientific explanations, there are still parts of this that are unresolved. The mystery of these rocks cannot be completely erased. Why have no large rocks actually been observed making its way across the sand? Why don’t they all move at the same time? Or in the same direction? These rocks encompass a tension and overlapping between fact/fiction: magic/science, which we explore through this exhibition. A practical magic of some sorts. 
'A practical magic of some sorts'
Duo exhibition with Linda Flø, Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

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